Posted by: vjicha | November 8, 2006

Can There Be Too Many Projects?

The holidays are just around the corner, and I have been knitting gifts throughout the year. Of course, I am behind, and at present have several projects in various stages of completion. What is it about knitters? Perhaps it is the fabulous yarns that are available today, or maybe our personalities are such that we like to start things but have trouble finishing them.

Three sets of soap pockets and hand mitts of hemp, three sweaters for the grandchildren and one for my husband, and a man’s neck scarf all have to be finished before Christmas. Don’t think I’ll make it!

I have, however, completed four pairs of socks, three hats, two scarfs, a vest, two shawls, and Level II of The Knitting Guild of America’s Master Knitter certification program within the past year. Oh, I also finished two quilts (forgot to mention that I am a quilter as well). However, one of those quilts was purchased 15 years ago as a Block of the Month project that I just got around to finishing. Too many projects, and too little time!


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