Posted by: vjicha | March 28, 2007

Fair Isle Tam

For the Level III TKGA submission, a Fair Isle project is required. With that in mind, I decided to work a Tam pattern from Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting, – just for practice. The picture above shows my results. What fun it was. It was knit all in Baby Ull, some of which I already had from working on the Argyle Sock for Level II. Although I don’t think I will design a Tam for the required project (rather do a sweater), I learned a lot from working the pattern.



  1. Great color combo on your tam. I like the idea of the blocking board up on the wall. I may have to try it if I can find some extra space in my studio. ;0) So, if I read your blog profile correctly, you are a flautist? Where do you play? I am an oboist freelancer in the Dallas area. I play to support my yarn habit. ;0) Oh, yeah, and to eat. LOL I have been thinking about doing the knitting certification as well. Do you find you have learned a great deal?

  2. Stunning colours!
    I’m a knitting pianist. I’m starting to think there could be an awesome chamber ensemble made up of knitting bloggers!!

  3. Thank you for the kind comments. It was such fun to knit.

  4. Beautiful colorwork! I love how the colors all coordinate so well. Great job!

    And welcome to the Musicians Who Knit and Crochet webring! 🙂


  5. This looks excellent. Good coliur choices and well knitted.

  6. I knit this tam for my aunt a long time ago. It was something I was very proud of. Nice to knit something & have it come out looking as nice as the books picture:)

  7. Beautiful; there’s a nice contrast among the colors that really shows off the pattern. I love the blue against that butter yellow!

    Nice stitch work, too! Your knitting looks lovely and even.

  8. very cool, i’ve only done a little fair isle but so much fun

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