Posted by: vjicha | June 19, 2007

A Fair Isle Experiment

The Master of Hand Knitting course I am working on, Level III, requires a self-designed sweater, which can either be Fair Isle or cabled. I have chosen to design a Fair Isle sweater. After the first four swatches, it occured to me that I had never knit a Fair Isle sweater from someone else’s pattern either, and perhaps I should do that.

After some exploration, I fell in love with Alice Starmore’s Abalone sweater included in her Pacific Coast Highway collection, but knew I could not afford the exorbitant prices her books, many of which are out of print, are going for on Ebay. What to do???

A couple of weekends ago, while in Door County, WI, I wondered into a knit shop in Sturgeon Bay. On the off chance they might have a copy, I checked out the book rack, and sure enough – there it was – a paperback copy for $20.95. It seems it was meant to be, and they clearly didn’t know what they had. The book smells a bit musty, but the pattern is there, along with directions for steeks and the whole nine yards.

Needless to say, I came home, went to my local shop, and ordered all of the yarn to start the project. See the photo above.

I will post photos as the project progresses. Unfortunately it is going to be slow, because I have designed a knit Christmas Stocking for the store, Monterey Yarns, in Green Bay. I have knit one, and am now in the process of knitting another in order to check the pattern. Photos of that will come as well.



  1. Hi,

    I finally managed to get over here and look at your Abalone yarn. It looks really good for color.

    Fair Isle is facinating. And after you master 2 handed knitting, steeking and cutting steeks etc., with the Abalone cardi, you might become addicted to it.

    Keep me posted on your Program.

    Lovely shawl. Hope you have joined the madness of Mystery Stole #3.

  2. Wow, you are so lucky! And I surely feel that it was meant to be for you as well!

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