Posted by: vjicha | May 21, 2008

Shepherd’s Market in Door County

I had some fun last Saturday. My husband and I were in Door County, WI for the weekend and discovered that there was a Shepherd’s Market. Later, I learned that it takes place yearly on the weekend before Memorial Day.

We went, not knowing quite what to expect. It was rainy, off and on, but when we got there found all of the vendors in a barn, upstairs and down, representing the sheep herders within Door County. They had wool batts, roving, yarn, spinning wheels, looms, and finished products. You name it and it was there.

The host farm was Whitefish Bay Farm & Bed and Breakfast, where they have the largest Corriedale herd in the U.S.. I bought enough of their yarn for a Nordic sweater in sport weight white and two shades of brown.

Today I did a swatch and the gauge came out to 22 sts = 4″ on US 5s. The wool is consistently wound, and I think this will be a fun project.



  1. Gorgeous. You did a spectacular job. I particularly like the way you handled the upper motif designs and faded the turquoise in and out… of that motif pattern.

    The colors are terrific.

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