Posted by: vjicha | September 12, 2008

The Walker Treasury Project

I just discovered this amazing site and have started knitting swatches like a fiend. organizers of the group, mostly college students if I understand correctly, have undertaken the task of providing photos for all of the stitch patterns in Walker’s four volumes. It’s a gargantuan effort, and many other knitters are contributing. Knitting a swatch is fun to do when you are bored to tears with the 16″ of Stockinette stitch you have to do before your current sweater pattern gets interesting.

You have to apply to them, sign up for a pattern, and they email you back. I don’t think they every turn anyone away – they just want to insure that two contributors aren’t working on the same swatch. At any rate, I strongly urge everyone to hop on over and take a look.

On The Needles

Socks for a granddaughter

Sweaters for two granddaughters

Squares for an afghan

Swatches for a new Fair Isle I am designing.


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