Posted by: vjicha | October 1, 2008

On the Needles

It’s been a busy ten days since I last wrote here. I finished a sweater and a poncho for my granddaughters for Christmas, and worked up 17 swatches for the Walker Treasury Project. That group has reorganized, added new moderators/administrators, cleaned up the database of more than 1,700 stitches in Barbara Walker’s four Treasuries and Mosaic Knitting, and will go public within a few days with an improved home page. The swatches that I worded are all on the WTP site, or you can view thumbnails of them below:
Broken Diagonal Rib 24

Arabic Diamonds 23

Chevron 26

Pinnacle Chevron 26

SeededChevron2 27

Harris Tweed Pattern 22

Garter & Rib Check 21

Arabic Cross 22 RS

Organ Pipes, Treasury I, pg. 23

Twisted Check Pattern, Treasury I, pg. 20

Swedish Check Pattern, Treasury I, pg. 20

Elongated Rib Check, bk. I, pg. 18

Seed Block Stitch, bk. 1, pg. 20

Basket Rib 17

Basket Welt Pattern 17

Quaker Ridging

Waving Rib Pattern



  1. WOW!!! Now I feel like such a slouch . . . and your swatches are gorgeous. . . .(off to find my needles and Yarn . . .and claim patterns).

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