Posted by: vjicha | October 16, 2008

Knitting and Politics

OK. I know this blog is supposed to be about knitting, but I think the original description says something about “musings on life.” Well, these are my musings.

I’m fed up with politics and politians. It is a matter of the Constitution that “We, the People” have the power, and I think it’s time that we exercise it. We can whine about the corruption in Washington, but unless we rise up and vote as a body, we have no right to complain.

We must refuse to return Senators and Representatives to another term if they have inserted pork projects into bills. We must refuse to return them if they are derisive and refuse to work with their counterparts across the aisle. We must refuse to vote for politicans who are caught with their hands in our pockets.

It has become prevalent in the past 15-20 years to support an issue, i.e. Gay rights, abortion, right to life, etc., and disregard all the other issues that are also important. This must stop. As voters it is our responsibility to consider all of the issues. Voting for a candidate based upon their stance on a single issue is short-sighted and often uninformed.

There – I’ve had my say and feel strongly about it. The time is now. I wish this germ had bloomed 6 months ago instead of just 3 weeks before an election, but it didn’t. There are 3 weeks left to research the voting records of your congressmen/congresswomen. You can go here to search all actions of Congress, and I urge you to do so.



  1. I agree with you on the facts that this country has put in place many one issue congress people.

    Short sighted yes, but many uninformed elected officials, purposely altering the truth twisting it to make them appear more knowledgable than they truely are on many topics.

    Many of these elected officials have dismissed intelligent and well informed individuals, saying they are elitist, but how can anyone who is intelligent be elitist. The reason why the attack on intelligence in this country has reached an all time high, is because intelligence looks at many sides of a problem, without first asking how much money can be gained with such decisions.

    Also when short sighted people are making decisions, they do not the responsibility of completing the job, mainly because they don’t understand what the whole job may intail.

    My favorite part now, in this election is that so many lies have been told now for so long, even the biggest liars don’t know what to believe anymore. Because they have not completed anything for the gain of the public, and only raided the till, they have no idea how to fix anything, because they have yet to do anything but make childish messes.

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