Posted by: vjicha | November 9, 2008

TKGA’s Cast On Transformation

It has been too long since I last wrote. I had a little surgery, the election came and went, and during my recovery, I did a lot of knitting. Interestingly, the Cast On (November, 2008-January 2009) issue that includes my name for passing Level III is also the best Cast On I have seen since becoming a member.

COmitten group2

The issue features mittens, and while I have not devoted a lot of time to making them in the past, I couldn’t wait to get started on these.

In a new section titled “Fahion Framework Series”, Arenda Holladay presents a basic introduction to mittens and follows that with a Mitten Lesson that is very detailed. Everything that is in a framed text box is part of the pattern. Everything that is in NOT in a framed box is explanatory. Photos are provided for clarification. All of that takes 5 pages with a bibliography. The super part is that 3 more patterns follow – variations of the basic pattern that began the now total of 9 pages.

The extra mittens are each proceeded with Beyond the Pattern information. Explanations are in red type and labeled as Technical Tips.

Earlier in the issue, Holladay provides a Cable Stitch Lesson, which is the first “in an ongoing series of Stitch Anatomy technique articles”. Once you work through that lesson, which produces a cabled pillow, you can move on to a cabled shoulder bag – the Beyond the Pattern addendum for that topic. Also included in the issue are cabled sweaters, mittens, a cabled sock pattern, and a skirt pattern.

You’ve got to check this out. Cast On has arrived.


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