Posted by: vjicha | April 11, 2009

Pending Projects

The quilting guild to which I belong started a fun actiity this year and I have gotten on the bandwagon. Each member was asked to list their unfinished projects (UFOs) on a specially prepared sheet of paper. That sheet was filed in a file folder and kept at the guild. As members finish projects, they check them off on their filed form. At each meeting, members who have completed projects get to take part in a drawing for prizes, and of course, they are encouraged to bring in their previously UFOs for show-and-tell.

I only had about 15 UFOs, but some members had lists in the hundreds. Just the activity of going through my knitting/quilting space to make the list made me aware of the sheer volume of projects I have that have been sitting around for years. It really feels good to mark an item off the list, and I will be taking 2 items to the next guild meeting for show-and-tell.

pictures to follow soon, and here they are.

Asian fabric Buck-a-Block Quilt


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