Posted by: vjicha | December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011


Our Christmas Tree

 I expect a rather strange Christmas this year. For as long as we have been married our family has come home for the holidays, mainly because my father was alive and couldn’t travel. That meant I was usually cooking for up to 12 people, and the house was full of the hustle and bustle of that many adults and children.

Dad passed away this past July, and no one is coming for Christmas this year. I envision AJ and I sitting around staring at each other with nothing to do. All of a sudden, after 27 years of marriage, we have to establish a new Christmas tradition.

I wasn’t going to even decorate the house, but we gave a party for some of AJ’s co-workers, so we spruced the place up. We have a fun house to decorate; it has numerous lofts, nooks, and crannies.We hung all the stockings with care, knowing that Santa Clause probably wouldn’t be there this year, as the grand children are staying home. I certainly hope that he finds them, as he is used to finding them here. Then again, they are older now and probably less inclined to expect a personal visit anyway.


I think Christmas will come and go pretty quickly this year. We are stripping wall paper in the kitchen between Christmas and New Years, but on Christmas Day I will some excellent Roast Beast, and we will sit down to eat in a decorated dining room – a cast of thousands or not.





  1. HI:

    So sorry about your hands! That sounds pretty grim to me. Maybe the Dr’s nurse will have some helpful suggestions for how you are going to cope – such as washing your hair and showers (They will give you some kind of cover that you can wear so your hand won’t get wet) but it will still be difficult with one hand. Is your husband patient enough to help you with this? Ted’s manual dexterity has never been the best – but he has helped me after many of my surgeries. I’ll certainly add you to my prayers. Hope it goes well.
    And – we understand the Christmas Dinner alone thing – although parishoners usually invite us over. Toni and Family (including 2 exchange students – one Chinese and one Korean) always come the day after Christmas and stay in our time share, right on the beach, for a week. I’m sure it will be a quiet day for you two. This year we’re just going to be the two of us on Christmas day – and we’re having a turkey breast, etc, – and plan to record Christmas at General Seminary and a few others that we watch and listen to. The “kids” arrive the 26th and we’ll have a big Chrismas dinner here on the 27th and exchange gifts.

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