Posted by: vjicha | January 9, 2012

The Race Is On

So far the exercising/eating right routine is going well, although my knees don’t appreciate the extra wear-and-tear. I’ve tried out the “Yoga/Pilates” class that the gym offers, and discovered that I could only do about half of the poses. Most of them just put too much stress on my knees. Oh – and I also discovered that I have no balance at all. Tomorrow I plan to go to one of the water aerobics classes that they hold there. It will probably be better for my poor arthritic joints. I seem to have the most success walking on the treadmills and doing the weight machines.

In the mean time we have put all the Christmas decorations away and rearranged the furniture in the great room to take up the space left by the absent tree. Andy started sanding the kitchen walls this afternoon, to get the remaining wallpaper paste off of them before we apply a primer coat. I sure will be glad when the upheaval is over in the kitchen, but it is going to look great.

The Race is one of time. My first hand surgery is in the middle of the month, and I am trying to get several projects completed before I only have one hand to complete them with. The immediate project is the Weeping Willow shawl (pattern by Two Old Bags) that I am making out of Interlacement Yarn’s Tapestry yarn. I finished the shawl body yesterday and started the lace edging. The shawl is square and I just finished the edging on one side. At that rate, one side = two days knitting, I will just finish it before the surgery.

Of course there are probably a dozen more projects waiting in the wings, a house that needs cleaning, etc. etc. etc. Who knew retirement would be so busy?


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