Posted by: vjicha | January 16, 2012

Early Morning Serenity

The house is quiet. All I can hear is the occasional motor that turns when the furnace kicks in. The children are asleep, the dog has been out and in, coffee is down, and all is right with the world. I get them off to school this morning and then come back to the house, load up my things, and head North to that City on the Bay – probably a very subdued City as they lost the game they played last night that would have probably sent them off to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay is an interesting microcosm of Packer fanatics, blue-collar workers, University employees, health care workers, and truck drivers. Home of Schneider and several other trucking companies, Green Bay hosts thousands of native Wisconsin people who are extremely well traveled, and because the city is small, just 100,000, it is unique amongst football franchise cities. Where else would you find a city that turns out with shovels to remove snow from the playing field before a big game? These folks would pay to do it.

But there will be no joy in Green Bay today. The chat around the water cooler will probably rehash all those dropped passes and center around the extra week off that the Packers had. I’m no big fan of football, and certainly lay no claim to expertise on the subject. However, concentration/focus must be at the root of it all. In the end, I’m just glad that I finished a placemat during the game. One down, One to go!



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