Posted by: vjicha | January 21, 2012

Hey Look At Me!

I’m typing with both hands. This carpal tunnel stuff is a piece of cake. Very little swelling, very little pain, and I’m thinking of trying to knit in a bit.

I’m pretty lucky. My mother taught me to knit European or English style (right hand yarn thrown) when I was little, but when I came home from college once, I noticed that she was holding the yarn in her left hand and going really fast. She then taught me Continental, and now I can do both. I don’t think I could do Continental at this moment – might put too much stress on my wrist, but I’m going to give throwing the yarn a try. I think it will work.

The idleness is driving me crazy! You can play just so many games (I know; I’m Facebook games addicted) and your brain starts to rot.

Sock Yarn selection at Monterey Yarns


My cousin came by and took me to lunch today. That’s another reason I am lucky. We moved to Green Bay from the Chicago area about 8 years ago, but I already had a cousin here, and she made the move a lot easier for me. So we went out to lunch and then to Monterey Yarn afterwards. I teach at Monterey, and it was fun to descend upon the store with my cousin. I don’t think we have been there together.

The snow is starting again, and i feel like hunkering down with a good ball of yarn. I’ll let you know if I can get away with it or not


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