Posted by: vjicha | January 23, 2012

Gray in Green Bay

The weather person says a winter storm is moving in tonight, and it has been gray all day. Temps are in the 20s, so that’s not so bad, but drizzle/freezing rain over night will make the morning drive difficult.

AJ installed the new light fixture and finished painting the walls in the kitchen. Then I did my vacuum thing, so we are looking better in that regard. The television news is all about the death of Joe Paterno and the outcome of the SC primary, and I am feeling at loose ends. Yes – I can knit, but I had wanted to add borders to a wall hanging I am making of Oregon’s Multnomah Falls and just discovered the I cannot use a rotary cutter. It requires too much downward force from a hand that just had surgery 3 days ago – so – here I am, telling my tale of woe.

AJ took Jessie to the park. She is a three-year-old Springadore – at least that’s what we call her. She came from a litter of pure bred Springer Spaniels on a farm East of here, but her father was a black lab from the farm down the road. Therefore, she has black fur, slightly wavy, that shines a bit brown when the sun hits it. We got Jessie when we moved to Green Bay. I was alone all day and missed having someone to talk to, so Jessie became my best friend. She’s very smart, loves romps in the park, makes up her own hide-the-ball-in-the-snow game, and then delights in digging it out.


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