Posted by: vjicha | February 3, 2012

Spring in Indiana

The last few days have seen highs in the 50s – unbelievable for the end of January and start of February, at least in NE Wisconsin where I live, but central Indiana has been very temperate. In fact, the daffodils and some of the perennials are peaking up in my son’s front garden. Poor little things. They will probably receive a rude awakening one of these days soon.









I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done while here. There isn’t much else to do during the day. I finished a pair of socks that I started this summer – 2nd sock itis – but the 2nd sock is now complete. Actually, it doesn’t quite match the first, and the lesson to be learned from this is that you shouldn’t wait so long between socks. They have a lace pattern from the toe to the top. The socks were knit from the toe up and thus a decision had to be made as to where to start the gusset and heel flap, all the while maintaining the lace pattern on the instep stitches. With 6 months in between socks, I could not remember how I worked the first sock, and the lace pattern was complicated enough that I couldn’t quite figure out where the gusset began on the first sock, let alone replicate it on the 2nd sock. Oh well! Only I will know, because I am the one who will wear them.


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