Posted by: vjicha | January 21, 2012

Hey Look At Me!

I’m typing with both hands. This carpal tunnel stuff is a piece of cake. Very little swelling, very little pain, and I’m thinking of trying to knit in a bit.

I’m pretty lucky. My mother taught me to knit European or English style (right hand yarn thrown) when I was little, but when I came home from college once, I noticed that she was holding the yarn in her left hand and going really fast. She then taught me Continental, and now I can do both. I don’t think I could do Continental at this moment – might put too much stress on my wrist, but I’m going to give throwing the yarn a try. I think it will work.

The idleness is driving me crazy! You can play just so many games (I know; I’m Facebook games addicted) and your brain starts to rot.

Sock Yarn selection at Monterey Yarns


My cousin came by and took me to lunch today. That’s another reason I am lucky. We moved to Green Bay from the Chicago area about 8 years ago, but I already had a cousin here, and she made the move a lot easier for me. So we went out to lunch and then to Monterey Yarn afterwards. I teach at Monterey, and it was fun to descend upon the store with my cousin. I don’t think we have been there together.

The snow is starting again, and i feel like hunkering down with a good ball of yarn. I’ll let you know if I can get away with it or not

Posted by: vjicha | January 20, 2012

New Look at Time Management

Given that I can’t knit or quilt for the next few weeks, I am looking at how to spend my time in a more efficient way. In the evenings I usually sit with my husband and he watches TV while I listen to it and knit. That won’t be an option for the foreseeable future. Sitting and doing nothing drives me crazy. I was raised to produce, produce, produce – perfectly if at all possible. So … what’s a girl to do?

Reading: I have several books I would like to read, and today I downloaded The Great Gatsby – a book I haven’t read in decades. I also signed up for an e-book program in which you read the entire Bible in one year. Of course, I am already behind, but now I will have the opportunity to get caught up.

Housework: Need I say more? Pick one task and do it, however slowly. I can vacuum with my left hand.

Posted by: vjicha | January 16, 2012

Early Morning Serenity

The house is quiet. All I can hear is the occasional motor that turns when the furnace kicks in. The children are asleep, the dog has been out and in, coffee is down, and all is right with the world. I get them off to school this morning and then come back to the house, load up my things, and head North to that City on the Bay – probably a very subdued City as they lost the game they played last night that would have probably sent them off to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay is an interesting microcosm of Packer fanatics, blue-collar workers, University employees, health care workers, and truck drivers. Home of Schneider and several other trucking companies, Green Bay hosts thousands of native Wisconsin people who are extremely well traveled, and because the city is small, just 100,000, it is unique amongst football franchise cities. Where else would you find a city that turns out with shovels to remove snow from the playing field before a big game? These folks would pay to do it.

But there will be no joy in Green Bay today. The chat around the water cooler will probably rehash all those dropped passes and center around the extra week off that the Packers had. I’m no big fan of football, and certainly lay no claim to expertise on the subject. However, concentration/focus must be at the root of it all. In the end, I’m just glad that I finished a placemat during the game. One down, One to go!


Posted by: vjicha | January 15, 2012

Energy Levels Waning! Send Help!

I drove down to Milwaukee yesterday to stay with my 3 grandchildren while their parents fly to Arizona to run a marathon. Shouldn’t be much work. Right? They are in the 7th and 5th grades so quite self-sufficient. They know where everything is, can cook for themselves, etc., but somehow, it isn’t so easy as all that.

I’m afraid my husband and I are pretty spoiled with a quiet life. Everything has a place and, for the most part, gets put away when we are done with it. Not so here. The house is small for a family of 5 and the kids just leave things where they last used them, so basically they live in a state of controlled chaos. Drives me crazy.

My response to the situation was so tell them that I was going to throw away anything that I found on the floor, with the exception of shoes. That got everybody scrambling. Pretty soon the floor was clean enough that I could run the vacuum cleaner.

I’ve gotten quite a bit of knitting done here. Working on placemats for our newly renovated kitchen. I picked a herringbone pattern from one of the Barbara Walker books and should be able to finish one while I am here.

I leave Monday and should get back to Green Bay with just enough time to prepare for the Knitting 102 class that meets at Monterey Yarn that night. Hope the weather cooperates and the Packers win on Sunday. Go Pack Go!

Posted by: vjicha | January 12, 2012

Bay Lakes Knitting Guild Reaches Out

I spent the most amazing hour this afternoon with about 20 ladies at a local retirement community – the result of the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild’s outreach program to bring the community to our senior citizens through knitting. It was our first time meeting each other and mainly organizational. Residents just kept showing up, and before we knew it we had a room full of people who wanted to to hand work together.

We went around the circle, and each resident stated what craft they like to do. I took notes fast and furiously, because many of them had no supplies. Two out of the group wanted to learn to knit, and I am meeting with them tomorrow, apart from the group, to get them started. One of the two celebrates her 95th birthday this month. The rest were mainly interested in knitting, although there were some who wanted to do needlepoint.

We shared stories, talked about Continental and English knitting styles, what size needles would be best for those with arthritis, etc. But what was so interesting was that they just really wanted a way to connect with others. In one discussion about the benefits of knitting, one of the ladies said, “It breaks up the lonelyness.” I thought, “Aha! That is why we are here.”

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